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How Exposure Ninja Began


I’d be lying to you if I said that our digital marketing agency was the instant result of a perfect, genius plan. It wasn’t. It was the result of years of sweat, square eyes and hard work.

After building a website for my drumming business, I did the same for a struggling neighbour (in a completely different field).

And it completely changed his business — and his life.

It was so gratifying seeing this guy’s progress and the impact that digital marketing had on his life and business, that I immediately knew this was what I was going to be doing for the next forever years. I started a digital marketing company from my bedroom and we’ve gone on to do some pretty cool stuff, helping clients become multi-millionaires and compete in some of the World’s most competitive markets.

We’re absolutely obsessed with being the best we can be, and it’s awe-inspiring to see the absolute monsters at EN do what they do best.

What Motivates Exposure Ninja To Help 1000s of Businesses

We get our joy from knowing that we’ve been responsible for our clients’ growth — knowing that they trusted us, chose us, and we proved that we’re the best option for them. We’re a competitive bunch and hate losing.

Early on we noticed that digital marketing was full of slimy people trying to impress others by sounding clever.

When I first started building websites for tradespeople, I was horrified at the level of misinformation ‘out there’. It seemed as if the most successful sellers of digital marketing got their power from trying to confuse their clients and bamboozle them with fancy lingo. Not to mention that most of this lingo was designed to disguise the fact that these companies were doing a whole lot of nothing for their poor clients.

That’s why I started Exposure Ninja and wrote the first edition of How to Get To The Top Of Google. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to work in a different way and that digital marketing didn’t have to be an absolute swamp.

shinobi listening to music

Exposure Ninja is a digital marketing agency that keeps its clients in the loop. We don’t try to alienate, patronise or trick our customers. Instead, we share what we learn and explain everything we do so our clients understand it. Digital marketing can make or break a business, so it shouldn’t feel like a ‘dark art’.

We work with ambitious SMEs that have big goals and trust us to be their partner to achieve them. Our clients appreciate honesty, hate fluff, and appreciate the importance of the Internet for business growth (even writing that sounds old-fashioned but, amazingly, there are still many who don’t fully appreciate this).

Plus, it helps that our Ninja team never let this fast-paced industry blindside them. They’re moving at the same pace, running towards their personal goals and revving themselves up for their next killer campaign, often jetting around the world as they do so.

How It Works

Step 1:

Book a Free Digital Marketing Review

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don’t do those generic, automated reviews full of big red X marks and meaningless lists of technical errors. “You scored 5%! Guess what? You need to buy our thing!!”

Our reviews are filmed as videos by our awesome Digital Marketing Consultancy team, and they’re unparalleled.

Some businesses have taken the information from our review and implemented it with great success without any financial commitment.

Others liked what we had to say so much that they decided to work with us on making their marketing better.

Step 2:

Speak to a Digital Marketing Expert

In this consultation, you’ll be able to ask any burning questions about your review and talk to one of our team about your business goals. We’ll discuss your marketing options and help you work out which route is most suitable for you..

We’ll also follow up with a marketing plan that you can read at your convenience and share with the rest of your team.

We don’t work with just anyone at Exposure Ninja, so the second purpose of this call is to work out whether you’d be a good fit for us.

Step 3

We Get to Work… And You PROFIT

Once you’ve become part of the EN family, there will be anywhere from 2-10 Ninjas working on various aspects of your campaign.

We’ll share what we’re working on throughout, and you’ll always know what we’ve done, why, and what results it’s brought you. We plan all our work for you quarterly, so you always know what’s coming and you’re never in the dark.

We’ll cover everything, from spying on your competitors, to optimising the channels that we’re working on to maximise your ROI.

Discover the Best Quick Wins You Can Implement Right Now to Move the Needle in Your Business

Take the first step to increasing the leads and sales your website generates, and request your free Digital Marketing Review today.

If it’s not the most useful free review you’ve ever received, I’ll personally refund you every penny you paid 😉

Contact Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Don’t worry, I don’t need to know your horoscope, mother’s maiden name and hot drink preference. Just drop your name and message below and I’ll get back to you.

Contact Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Don’t worry, I don’t need to know your horoscope, mother’s maiden name and hot drink preference. Just drop your name and message below and I’ll get back to you.