About Tim Cameron-Kitchen

My Background

Tim Cameron-Kitchen

I grew up always wanting to be a professional drummer. At school, I became completely obsessed and spent every waking hour becoming the best drummer I could be.

After uni, I achieved my goal. I had a studio in the farmhouse I lived in with my band, got featured in all the drumming magazines I’d read growing up, recorded some DVDs and wrote a book.

Then in 2011 I built a website that changed someone’s life (for the better, I might add) and realised that digital marketing was what I needed to be doing. Having such a positive impact on someone was extremely addictive, and whilst drumming was great fun it couldn’t compete with the rush of the ‘life-changing’ testimonial. The desire for this rush still guides me today.

What Motivates Me

I believe that business is one of the most powerful forces in our world. Having watched Exposure Ninja’s growth (I’m incredibly reluctant to take any more than minimal credit for this), I’ve been constantly blown away by how our unbelievable team has grown to become absolute monsters, whilst being able to live life on their terms.

Likewise, seeing our clients grow from tiny businesses into market-leading powerhouses through the work that we do together shows just what a positive impact that business can have.

The public perception of business is often soiled by the image of ruthless shark CEOs running the ‘profit at all costs’ corporation. This is a real shame, because a business is fundamentally just a group of people pulling in the same direction. It can do good if the direction is good.

We’re building Exposure Ninja and the businesses we start and acquire into a network of businesses that have a positive impact on our clients, team, and the World as a whole. That might sound grandiose, but hey — that’s me all over 😉

My Team

When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my wonderful family who I couldn’t be more thankful for. My wife Katie is a force of nature, my inspiration and the perfect balance for my everything-everywhere chaos.

Our son Luca is pure joy and, no pressure mate, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to change the world. Our three cats Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi complete the team.

Tim Cameron-Kitchen and family

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