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  • You’ve got a business that needs marketing help. I’m happy to help when I can, and point you in the direction of the best Ninja to talk to when I can’t.
  • You’d love to be on the Exposure Ninja podcast. Please note that we are primarily looking for guests that can share specific results from a digital marketing campaign they’ve run for their business or a client.
  • You want to supercharge your business, 10x your leads, hang out in exclusive spaces, upgrade your inner circle and change your life by registering your interest for Mastermind. Let’s hang out.
  • You’re looking to sell your business and receive a genuine business offer or some constructive feedback on why your business isn’t a good fit. We’re looking for businesses with a minimum turnover of £500k only, please.

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Exposure Ninja


Get the backstory on my remote digital marketing agency that helps 1000s of smart SMEs across the UK to supercharge their business.


Lead Cat

We’re redefining budget digital marketing. Marketing can be reliable and effective without burning a hole in your pocket.

Training Courses

shinobi on learning mode

DIY your digital marketing with a little bit of expert help. I’ll even show you how to form a remote company from scratch.



Discover an elite business coaching opportunity that takes consultancy to the next level. Get serious about your success.



Sneak a peek at the behind-the-scenes of my personal and business life without any entrepreneur peacocking.