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There’s the old saying that you are the company that you keep, so why did we launch a cheap marketing agency when the market is full of businesses of varying reputation serving this end of the market?

Whether I’ve been on the “front line” talking to business owners about their marketing or taking a backseat and letting the absolute savages at Exposure Ninja take charge (and do an amazing job while they’re at it), I’ve always been big on investing in your own growth.

To see massive success and reach new heights in your business, whether you want to increase your top and bottom lines, put sales on autopilot so you can focus on growth, or hire killer employees who are the best at doing what you’re not so great at (HEY – LET’S JUST DO ALL THREE), you need to get your business in front of more buyers. Increasing sales is the oxygen that generates business growth. And the best way we’ve seen to do that?

Digital marketing.

But when you don’t have a big marketing budget, you’re trapped in the 'marketing chicken and egg' situation...

You could learn to do it yourself, but it would take years of trial and error to get there, and you might not have that luxury.

You can hire an employee, forking out a yearly salary and hoping that you luck upon someone who is an expert copywriter, SEO, content marketer and paid ads specialist all in one. (BTW if you find this person please let me know. We’ve interviewed a lot of people over the years and not found them yet).

You can look up cheap SEO and risk dropping your cash on one of the agencies in the swamp that bleeds you dry whilst delivering no actual work. The directors are GREAT at golf though.

Or you can choose affordable digital marketing that does what it says from LeadCat.

I’ve heard some horror stories speaking to Exposure Ninja clients. Companies charging a fortune and delivering below-par work (if delivering at all)… making up excuse after excuse… hiding behind buzzwords and jargon nobody understands in an attempt to convince people they know what they’re talking about… even going ghost.

It drives me absolutely mad (can you tell?) because every shoddy rip-off agency experience tarnishes the reputation of the few hardworking and honest ones. “SEO is a scam”, “digital agencies are all the same”… these are actual things I’ve been told by disillusioned business owners and marketing managers that have given up hope.

And, by the way, this type of thing is even commonplace amongst big names charging big-name money. So can you imagine what companies positioning themselves as “cheap” have been getting away with?

Business owners shouldn’t have to worry about being ripped off just because they have aggressive growth targets and want to invest.

This is why LeadCat exists.

working smart
people working smart

The little sister of Exposure Ninja, LeadCat distils the processes and strategies we’ve been honing and successfully implementing for thousands of clients over many years. What that means for you is effective digital marketing that doesn’t cost a bomb — or blow up in your face.

LeadCat costs less, which means you get less. This means you won’t see the results our Exposure Ninja case studies boast. But you WILL get the solid foundation every digital marketing campaign needs and be able to start taking those important first steps towards boosting your online presence.

When your budget increases because you’ve got a healthy ROI from your PPC campaign or you’re driving more traffic and sales through Google, you might want to scale and go bigger, and Exposure Ninja is there for you if you do. Or you might want to maintain the pace you’re at. LeadCat will keep your digital marketing ticking over as you take incremental steps towards growth.

Whatever the case, you can trust LeadCat because I’m literally putting Exposure Ninja’s reputation on the line.

I’m cool with that because our team are absolute marketing savages.

LeadCat is powered by Exposure Ninja, which means you get same high-skilled Ninjas who work on campaigns 10x the size. It gives you the same tight-knit, rock-solid, impenetrable processes that work over and over. It’s just all packed down into a smaller and more affordable size.

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Don’t worry, I don’t need to know your horoscope, mother’s maiden name and hot drink preference. Just drop your name and message below and I’ll get back to you.

Contact Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Don’t worry, I don’t need to know your horoscope, mother’s maiden name and hot drink preference. Just drop your name and message below and I’ll get back to you.